Jewelry Accessories Matching Tips

When the new season arrives, how do you choose the jewelry accessories for Spring, and how should you wear them to work or on the weekend?Jewelry is the finishing touch for clothes, and it is also the fashion element that best reflects the high sense of clothing. After the dress is selected, jewelry is also a very important one. Choosing the jewelry accessories<gnn infinity necklalce> that suit you can not only bring you brilliance, but also improve your overall image and start from the details to make yourself more visible.
Jewelry for office wear:
Geometric jewelry
The girls who go to work can choose geometric jewels. These shapes are very simple and concise, which can reflect women’s practical workplace style. They are very versatile with shirts and suits. You can choose plain gold jewelry such as platinum, K gold, etc. And other materials, you can also choose jade, color treasure and other colored clavicle chain, make the neck delicate and elegant.

Green jade and colorless jade jewelry
Here specially recommended the emerald clavicle chain, both green and colorless jade are good choice, because the jade has a profound Chinese jade culture, wearing it will have a warm texture on the body, the more you wear, the more transparent feeling it has, it is not comparable to other jewelry.

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