AGV Helmets – The Choice of Champions

With more than sixty years of involvement with plan, AGV caps are the favored decision of the individuals who pay attention to motorcycling hustling. Established in 1947 by Amisano Gino Valenza, the organization started by assembling cowhide seats and bike saddles. Today, they are venerated for creating cruiser caps that place a substantial accentuation on wellbeing and security. With AGV, the rider’s prosperity is the concentration and AGV caps bear that reality by its plan. Made famous by Valentino Rossi, the Italian cruiser champion who has worn AGV caps since the start of his profession, AGV caps are currently the caps chosen by champions. This has likewise prompted the mind boggling center around designing and plan in what has brought about the line of Rossi AGV protective caps. There is no uncertainty that the Rossi AVG caps are the most pursued in the bike market.

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Valentino Rossi isn’t the main hero to wear AGV Helmets protective caps. Other well known racers incorporate Giacomo Agostini, Niki Lauda, Angel Nietor, Barry Sheene, Emerson Fittipaldi, Nelson Piquet, and Wayne Ryney. Notwithstanding, it is certainly the appeal and mark name of Valentino Rossi for which AGV protective caps are regularly related. The AGV GP-Tech head protector line that has been intended for superior hustling confirmations this. Truth be told, it was Valentino Rossi who additionally helped plan the GP-Tech. The shell is made based on what is known as “SSl” or Super Light Carbon Kevlar, guaranteeing that it gives greatest solace. Not exclusively is the shell lightweight and agreeable, yet it is likewise the first in the line of AGV caps that has three exchangeable shell sizes. This guarantees that everybody can use the GP-Tech.

Moreover, the GP Tech AGV head protectors additionally accompany a coordinated ventilation framework or IVS, giving greatest breathability to the wearer. This is refined by utilizing vents. Indeed, the producers of the protective cap pay attention to its plan so; the IVS framework has been efficiently tried, guaranteeing that it is the best head protector available.

The shading decisions for the GP Tech AGV head protectors are huge and you’re certain to look cool while dashing on your bicycle. Smooth plans, multi shadings, or strong shading caps guarantee that there is a head protector for each rider’s style. The shading decisions incorporate Combat Blue, Combat Red, Tech Black, and Tech Gunmetal.

Notwithstanding the plan characteristics the GP Tech AGV head protectors additionally include a liner that is effectively taken out and machine-washed. This guarantees that your cap stays sterile and clean. The neck roll is additionally effectively taken out and washed and the textures have been treated with a particular equation that forestalls develop from mugginess and sweat. The texture additionally helps keep the protective cap cool while the vent framework guarantees that dampness is handily taken out. There are more AGV head protectors then the GP Tech line. Other well known lines incorporate the AGV Air Tech, the AGV S4, AGV Stealth, and the AGV Ti-Evolution.

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