5 Low Fat Alternatives to Butter and Margarine

A lot of anything is awful for you. Dieticians and doctors have been saying for quite a long time that margarine and margarine are undesirable for us, yet numerous individuals actually use them as their favored spread for bread, toast and wafers. It doesn’t need to be like this however. There are a lot of delectable and low fat choices to spread and margarine that numerous individuals don’t consider. Peruse on for a glance at five delightful low fat choices to spread and margarine.


Avocado is a flavorful and sound other option. This option is effectively spread on bread, toast, wafers, as an expansion to a sandwich or as a straightforward tidbit. Avocado will give your normal food a kick of something new, and it’s solid as well.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a phenomenal other option. While spread and margarine is stacked with immersed fat, olive oil is a lot better other option. Olive oil is extraordinary to plunge bread in, as a marinade for chicken, fish and meat, over pasta and surprisingly in a plate of mixed greens. Try not to let spread or margarine climb up your immersed fat tally; rather let olive oil change your dish.


This may seem like an odd expansion لورباك to this rundown, however curds is a commendable substitute. Curds is wealthy in calcium and offers a scrumptious taste that you in any case would not discover with spread and margarine. Curds can be discovered right in the dairy part of your grocery store. Simply stroll past the spread or margarine on your way.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is an old top choice. Any grown-up or youngster who doesn’t have a nut sensitivity will probably have affectionate comments about peanut butter. Well prepare to have your mind blown. It’s solid, as well. Peanut butter can empower a dish, make a filling tidbit and tastes extraordinary on bread, toast and saltines. Do you recall every one of those peanut butter and jam sandwiches that your Mom took care of you when you were youthful? They were to your benefit.

Light Cream Cheese

Light cream cheddar is another expansion to this rundown that may shock you. Light cream cheddar is really a sound choice to spread and margarine. Note that this just applies to the light form. Light cream cheddar has essentially less immersed fat than spread or margarine and it has a delightful sharp taste to it that can help bring breakfast, pastries or different dishes to life.

At the point when you are searching for choices to spread and margarine, search for sound choices that can help rejuvenate your dishes. With such countless choices available like Dijon mustard, low fat farm dressing, low fat mayonnaise and that’s just the beginning, you won’t probably ever take a gander at spread or margarine a similar way again. Why settle on a spread that is stacked with immersed fat when you can choose a spread that is delightful and highlights a low fat substance? This rundown is only a glimpse of something larger, and there are a lot of alternatives available for you to look over.